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Are you eligible for
FREE testing?

The State of Rhode Island will waive all testing fees based on income level for individuals with limited income who can prove financial hardship and who are not eligible for subsidies for these tests from other state agencies or departments.

To be eligible for the waiver, you must also take and pass the GED Ready practice test with the minimum passing score of Likely to Pass for each subject you would like a waiver for.

What is the GED®?

The GED® test is a computer-based, four-subject high school equivalency test. The four subjects are:

After you pass the GED test, your certificate will be emailed to you as well as your GED transcript (which can be used to apply to college, for your job, etc). Click here for more information about the GED test.

How is the test scored?

There are three scoring levels:

  • GED® Passing Score: In RI, the passing score is 145 or higher.
  • GED® College Ready: Scoring above 165 (on any test subject) means you have demonstrated you are ready to take college level courses and you may qualify for waivers from placement testing or developmental education requirements if you enroll in college.
  • GED® College Ready + Credit: Scoring above 175 (on any test subject) means you have demonstrated skills that could qualify for up to 10 college credit hours.
How long will it take to get my GED®?
Your skill level and the amount of time you can devote to the program determine the length of time required to complete the program.
How long do the tests take?
  • Language Arts – 150 minutes (GED Ready™: 95 minutes)
  • Science – 90 minutes (GED Ready™: 45 minutes)
  • Social Studies – 70 minutes (GED Ready™: 35 minutes)
  • Math – 115 minutes (GED Ready™: 60 minutes)
How do I know if I am ready to take the GED® exam?

You can take the GED Ready™ : The Official Practice Test (OPT) to determine your readiness to take to the GED® tests. The GED® Ready™questions are similar to those on the GED® tests. You will receive your GED® Ready™ scores the same day you take the test, and receive a score report with target feedback to know your strengths and which skills need more practice. GED® Ready™ tests cost $6 per subject. Click here to create a MyGED account and take a practice test.

Click here for a FREE practice test

How much does the GED® cost?

GED Ready™ : The Official Practice Test
     Each test costs $6. The cost for all four tests is $24.

     Each test costs $30. The cost for all four tests is $120 (if you meet low-income requirements, you may be able to take the test for FREE).

*You must register and pay for your tests online, through your MyGED account. If you do not have a credit or debit card, you may purchase a voucher at our main office. A friend or relative may also pay for your test – please choose the type of test below:

     GED Ready Voucher
     GED Vouchers

Please be sure to read all information, including expiration date(s). How to use your Ready Voucher.

How do I register for the test?

Registering for the test must be done online at www.ged.com. Once you set up an account, you will be able to schedule your test at any Official Test Center in Rhode Island. You may also test at multiple test centers, if you wish. If you need access to a computer or help registering, please contact us.

Where can I take the test?

Click here for a list of testing centers. Please note: RIRAL offers the GED® exam in English and Spanish.

Who can take the GED®?

You MUST be a Rhode Island resident to take the GED® exam in Rhode Island. Massachusetts residents are welcomed to take ABE/ASE classes at RIRAL, but can only take the GED exam in Massachusetts (this is a state policy – click here for more information).

Massachusetts offers the HiSET as well as the GED; MA residents who want to earn a HS credential should contact the MASS Adult Literacy Hotline1-800-447-8844 or click here for more information. Test information and practice materials for the HiSET can be found here.

Can I take the test in Spanish?

Yes, RIRAL offers the GED® exam in Spanish. However, all of our classes are in English. For Spanish GED classes, please contact Progreso Latino in Central Falls.

Can I take the GED® exam online?

Yes, you can take the exams online as long as the requirements are met. Click here for more information.  WARNING: Possible scams for online GED test!

When will I receive my transcript and diploma/certificate?

The Student Experience:

  • A test-taker who passes the GED® test will automatically receive an electronic, secure diploma and Smart Transcript, delivered immediately to their email address after their final test is scored
  • The test-taker can view, print, and request a professionally-printed diploma free of charge
  • The test-taker can send the transcript to an employer or college of their choice
  • From that point forward, colleges and employers can search for and order documents for test-takers who have passed the test

Click here for more information.

How to access your electronic transcript and diploma